Television showtimes for M-Net for Saturday 08 August 2020.

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Saturday 08 August 2020
In Full Flight. Hayes has ideas. Carrie goes shopping. Tasneem has problems. The eighth and final season of the multi-award-winning espionage thriller.
16 LV
I Know This Much Is True
In this finale of this powerful HBO limited series, a lifetime of animosity between Dominick and Ray spills over in public. After an unexpected tragedy, Dominick seeks reconciliation.
16 LS
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark
Based on a book of the same name. When a trip to a haunted house ends with some teenagers leaving with a book, it triggers a series of strange events that they need to solve.
16 V
Time For Me To Come Home For Christmas
When they travel to Oklahoma together during a snowstorm, Cara and music star Heath develop a connection.
Young Sheldon
Quirky Eggheads And Texas Snow Globes. In this season premiere Dr. Sturgis has a nervous breakdown and Mary worries Sheldon might experience the same thing. Georgie discovers he has a knack for sales.
PG13 L
Young Sheldon
A Broom Closest And Satan’s Monopoly Board. Without Dr. Sturgis’s class, Sheldon must find a new way to stay academically challenged. Also, Mary helps Pastor Jeff avoid temptation with his girlfriend.
PG13 L
Young Sheldon
An Entrepreneurialist And A Swat On The Bottom. Sheldon takes matters into his own hands when Meemaw refuses to drive him to a lecture. Follows the story of the beloved ’Big Bang Theory’ character.
PG13 L
Young Sheldon
Hobbitses,Physicses And A Ball With Zip. Sheldon is forced to take a break from science when his obsession with The Lord of the Rings leads to an unhealthy habit. Endearing family comedy.
PG13 L
Young Sheldon
A Pineapple And The Bosom Of Male Friendship. After being released from the mental hospital, Dr. Sturgis unexpectedly breaks up with Meemaw. Follows the story of the beloved ’Big Bang Theory’ character.
PG13 L
Africa’s Wild Horizons
Verderfort Dome Crater Of Life. A breath-taking wildlife doccie series that showcases the very best of Africa, its animals and their habitats.
The Masked Singer
A Pain In The Mask. An incredible singing competition where a group of celebrity performers wear costumes to conceal their identities. One singer is eliminated each week and unmasked.
A powerful documentary that looks at the tour de force that is Hillary Clinton. Follow the rise, the controversy, setbacks and triumphs. And get a glimpse into her family, the scandals and her legacy.
13 LV
Hawaii Five-0
Ihea Ÿoe I Ka Wa A Ka Ua E Loku Ana? (Where Were You When The Rain Was Pouring?). A task force makes it their mission to wipe out crime on the sun-drenched beaches of Hawaii.
16 V
Magnum P.I.
Desperate Measures. When Junior is kidnapped as leverage to retrieve the stolen list of undercover CIA agents, Tani and Quinn ask Magnum and Higgins for their help. Action-packed crime drama.
13 LV
Mental Samurai
Week Two. Golden Globe-nominee Rob Lowe hosts this thrilling competition series that tests every aspect of human intelligence and intellectual agility - in an enhanced mental obstacle course.
PG13 L
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Starting From Scratch. The heart-warming makeover series that combines moving stories of families and communities with life-changing home renovations.
PG13 L
Ride Like A Girl
This inspirational Michelle Payne biography shows how she pushed the boundaries for sport, as she became the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup.
The Conners
The Icewoman Cometh. The escapades of the iconic TV family continue and, after a sudden turn of events, the Conners continue to face the daily struggles of life - in a way they have never before.
Carol’s Second Act
Secrets. When Carol learns about Lexie’s secret hobby, she also finds out an even bigger secret...that everyone knew except her. A medical comedy from the producer and writer of Booksmart.
13 LS
Modern Family
I’m Going To Miss This. Mitchell is having a hard time letting go of his old life, and Gloria steps in to help him say goodbye. The final chapter with our favourite modern family.
PG13 L
Will & Grace
What A Dump. Grace and her neighbour, James give their romance another shot - even after she slept with his son and his father. A fabulous, award-winning comedy.
13 LS
Ellen’s Game Of Games
So Put Another Coin In The Blaster Baby. From the beloved, multi-award-winning television host comes a hilarious, fun set of games with special surprises and unpredictable twists.
Katy Keene
Pilot. A joyful, gripping series that follows aspiring designer Katy Keene and a group of artists trying to make their dreams come true in New York City. From the creators of Riverdale.
13 LS
Chapter Fifty-Eight:. The season premiere the subversive teen drama As Riverdale prepares for its upcoming Independence Day parade, Archie receives a call that will change the rest of his life forever.
16 LV
The Fiery Cross. The season premiere of this Golden Globe-nominated historical drama. The mood of celebration at Fraser’s Ridge is dampened by a mandate from a powerful political figure in North Carolina.
Below The Surface
News that Philip and June are alive rekindles hope in the TTF. A gripping Danish thriller.
16 LSV

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